Sermon Series

The Psalms are a powerful collection of prayers and poems.  They address many themes: longing and lament, disorientation and direction, wisdom and worship.  They include prayers with very real emotions.

“Read It Again…with Feeling” is a series designed to help us grow in our emotional life as Christians.  Emotions are a God-given part of our human nature.  So rather than avoid or suppress our emotions, the Psalms invite us to face our emotions and listen to them so we can learn about ourselves and God.


Read It Again, with Feeling: Psalms (Vol. 2)
-Pastor Tim Brown

June 6th Psalm 4 Distress
June 13th Psalm 16 Contentment
June 20th Psalm 25 Regret
June 27th Psalm 27 Fear
July 4th Psalm 33 Sing to Him!
July 11th Psalm 34 Taste and See!
August 1st Psalm 42 Hope in God
August 8th Psalm 73 Envy
August 15th Psalm 88 Despair
August 22nd Psalm TBD Anger
August 29th Psalm 126 Joy