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At Grace Covenant we are using the New City Catechism each week in worship.  We encourage you to read it and study it in your home during the week.

With only 52 questions and answers it is easy to use as a tool for devotions and family worship.  Additionally, the website provides a bible verse, written commentary, and a prayer to go along with each one. Copies of the NCC are available at church on Sundays.

Here are other ways to get full access.

Visit to learn more.

You can also download the app!


Q. What is Catechism? 

A.  A catechism is a question and answer format of teaching disciples the core truths of our faith.  Take time to memorize the answers, read the verses or comments, and internalize their meaning.

(Congrats, you just did catechism! Wasn’t that fun?)


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