What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is typically a gathering of 4 to 12 people that meets weekly in homes, public venues or at church to build community with each other and live out the Christian life together. It is led by an intentional leader who is mature in their faith and is committed to making disciples who will also make disciples. The purpose of Life Groups is to care for each other and grow as disciples of Jesus. Through studying Scripture together, praying for each other, caring for each other, sharing life together and serving others these small groups help develop each member’s spiritual gifts and reach out to serve the needs of our community.

Why Should I Join A Life Group?

Discipleship won’t happen fully in our Sunday morning church service. Church services are a time for corporate worship, prayer, and the proclamation of the Gospel. But Christians are not simply to attend Sunday services to receive inspiration and information. We are to give ourselves to real community and authentic personal relationships. Jesus modeled this for us when he chose 12 people, a small group, with whom he shared life and then empowered to carry on his mission. We follow Jesus’s example as we gather in life groups to do life together and carry on Jesus’s mission.

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I don’t know what I’d do without my Life Group. We grow together in our knowledge of and love for Jesus Christ which has strengthened my faith. We have each other’s back through the ups and downs of life. Everyone should join a group.