In Person Worship

We are currently open for in-person worship. The Reopening Team has worked diligently to provide a plan by listening closely to CDC guidelines and to your survey responses. We know not everyone is ready to return, and that is okay too! We will continue to provide the live stream every week. Our goal is to clearly communicate expectations, so you know when returning is right for you.

Refer to our guidelines for in-person worship services below.

1. Reservations Required!

  • Sunday service will be limited to 80 worshippers in the sanctuary to facilitate social distancing.
  • You must make your reservation each week by Thursday night so we can maximize seating. 
  • See the reservation link at the top of this page.

2. Who May Attend?

  • Those who are generally healthy (no temperature symptoms of illness, no known contact with a COVID-19 patient).
  • Those willing to comply with our guidelines about masks, and to practice social distancing.

3. Sanitized/touch free!

  • The facility will be thoroughly cleaned, and hand sanitizers will be available.
  • Sanctuary entrance and bathrooms will be touch free.
  • No refreshments, bulletins or offering plates.
  • Communion procedures will eliminate physical contact by providing prefilled communion cups on 1st Sundays.

4. Expectations

  • Please enter through the front entrance with your face mask on.
  • Since we are seating with social distance, your mask is optional while you are in your seats or standing during worship, except on the first Sunday of the month (Communion Sunday) when masks are mandatory for the whole service
  • We will sing aloud during worship. We invite you to lift your voices to God in prayer and praise!
  • Please resume wearing your mask immediately following the benediction and as you visit others after worship.

If you need help making a reservation…

Please call the church office at 610-924-7282 (ext. 101) during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM).